Erin’s Storey

Erin’s Storey

There are many different gyms, personal trainers, coaches, online consultants, etc.  What makes me different?  I’m real: I’m a mother of two, I’m a wife, I’m a professional, I’m an athlete . . . .  I’m you.  

I have been a competitive runner since 1995 and a competitive weightlifter since 2001.   I have maintained my level of fitness through the course of what could sometimes be a hectic and busy life, with hard work, determination, and dedication.    I’m not an athlete of amazing talent, but I’ve stayed focused on my goals.  Anyone can achieve a desired level of fitness, but sometimes you need someone who is authentic – who lives your hectic life and the challenges you face each day – and who can keep you focused on your priorities.   With all the commitments and responsibilities that life throws at you, it’s important to have someone who is relatable and understanding – and who still can keep you determined.   

About Erin:

Erin’s love for running began when she was in elementary school.   Winning the fastest mile in her elementary school her gym teacher, also the track coach, recruited her to run for the varsity team.   She soon discovered her first love was running, which blended well with her passion for the outdoors.   Erin continued her running passion and ran for her college team.  After graduating she discovered weightlifting.  It started as off-season training, but it soon developed into her second love.     

Erin continued to perfect running and weightlifting into her young adult life.   But she had an adventurous side to her, and she took her running off-road and into the high peak mountains of Colorado.   In 2013, Erin was a top five finisher in the Pike’s Peak Marathon.  She was also the only East Coast runner to place in the marathon.   

Erin still wasn’t satisfied: there was still one more challenge to meet – the Boston Marathon.  It is every runner’s dream to qualify for the marathon.   Erin qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2014 while competing in the Buffalo Marathon.    Eager to run Boston, Erin began training in the Fall 2014 – at the same time she became pregnant with her first child.   She continued on her journey and trained for Boston with the approval of her OB/GYN.   At six and a half months pregnant, Erin completed the Boston Marathon in the Spring 2015.   

Determined to return to her pre-pregnancy condition, Erin set out to qualify for the Boston Marathon again.   In Fall 2016, Erin qualified for Boston again and in Spring of 2017, she competed in the Boston Marathon in a near record-breaking heat.   Despite the heat, Erin qualified again for the 2018 Boston Marathon.

While training during pregnancy, Erin was surprised at the lack of information about running and weightlifting while pregnant.  In June 2017, Erin published an article with Women’s Running Magazine about her experience training for the Boston Marathon and the challenges faced while pregnant.  In Erin’s eyes it was an opportunity to give women the education and hope they need to run and train as expectant mothers.

During all of her running adventures, Erin has maintained her competitive weightlifting.