Receive the exclusive attention of your personal trainer face-to-face with proper form, technique, and dedicated encouragement to reach your fitness goals.

Pricing and Details

$85 per hour 

In-Person Training – The personal trainer will design a workout to attain your fitness goals, provide one-on-one personal demonstrations, discuss proper technique, provide instructions as to how to complete your daily workouts, and advise of common mistakes to avoid.  The Personal Trainer will guide you through your daily workout with the encouragement and strength you need to get closer to your personal goals.   

  • One-on-one Personal Demonstrations of Each Exercise
  • One-on-one Discussion of Technique and Form of Each Exercise
  • One-on-one Instructions to Complete the Workout
  • Personal Trainer Assures Completion of Workout
  • Personal Trainer Participates in the Workout to Provide Maximum Encouragement and Support
  • Monthly Assessment of Progress in Attaining Your Fitness Goals
  1. Weight-training Receive personal demonstrations of each exercise designed for your daily workout.    Demonstrations include technique and form to complete the workout with maximum results.  Demonstration also includes common mistakes and bad habits to avoid.
  2. Running – Run side-by-side with your personal trainer to ensure proper pacing and to receive maximum support and encouragement.   Workouts include interval training, short runs, and long runs.   Receive a discussion of proper technique, including: stride, arm placement, head position, and breathing.
  3. Nutrition – Suggested foods to buy in conjunction with personalized training plan, written menu for the week, demonstration of how to count calories and keep track of macronutrients, with an explanation of carbs, protein, and fat percentages to be consumed daily.