Weightlifting – it’s not all about getting big!

Having the facts as to why it’s important to weight lift is essential.  Many people misunderstand the goal of lifting weights. To them, pumping iron is either about physical power or body sculpting. But there’s a much more compelling reason to have healthy, strong muscles than appearance.  

Very few people know that increasing your muscle tissue by lifting weights burns three times as much fat as compared to cardiovascular training.  This means that when you are weight lifting the focus is on burning fat as opposed to calories.  And you are burning fat at a much higher rate than any other exercise.   As such, the primary reason as to why you need to keep making and maintaining muscle as you age is to keep your body’s ongoing fat-burning metabolic engine revved.   

One recent 12-week study found that men and women lost an average of four pounds simply by lifting weights three days a week, without changing diet or exercise — more evidence that lifting weights helps you beat the battle of the bulge, and doesn’t make you “bulky,” as novice weightlifters fear.  

So weightlifting is not all about getting big, it’s about burning fat and achieving the look that you desire.   

It’s as simple as this: weightlifting = burning fat by stimulating muscle growth.  These are the facts to know.